Consulting Pay: What MBAs Earned in 2019

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2020 vs. 2018 Pay: Undergraduate and Master’s Degree Holders

Undergrads continue to experience pay increases in base pay, even as performance and sign-on bonuses stagnated. Bain, BCG continued to lead the way for starting base pay, though Strategy& and PwC were able to match them in this area.

2020 vs. 2018 Pay: MBA and PhD Hires

Base pay continues to skyrocket, with firms like BCG, Bain, KPMG and Strategy& bumping pay by $15K-$20K.

2020 Base Pay: Undergrads vs. MBAs

How much value do leading consulting firms put into MBAs. Look no further than pay, with MBAs earning $60K-$85K more than their undergrad peers in base pay alone.


JEFF SCHMITT Senior Writer