Questions you will always encounter in an M&A interview. And how to answer them

2020 has been a tough year for mergers and acquisitions bankers, as Covid 19 has put deals on hold and travel bans have confined rainmakers to peddle their charm to clients on endless Zoom calls, rather than taking them to the Tokyo Grand Prix.

But a recent revival in mergers and acquisitions activity means banks are hiring again, especially at the analyst, VP and director levels. “Banks are under pressure to cut costs, and that leads to juniorization with opportunities for less experienced bankers to take on more responsibility,” says one headhunter.

That means if you’re looking to get into M&A, it’s as competitive as ever. On top of showing you have the technical and interpersonal skills to thrive, there’s the added challenge of knowing how to convey this over Zoom.  Preparation is everything.

These are the questions you can expect.

By David Rothnie
David Rothnie