6 Things To Do for Information Sessions On Campus

Recruiting is hybrid this year, and while many employers are opting for virtual sessions, we are also excited to welcome employers back on campus who are hosting information sessions in person. It’s been awhile, so we wanted to share some things you should keep in mind as you attend these sessions. These tips are based on feedback employers have shared after coming to campus:

  1. Be sure to check in –  We’re piloting a new process where you will be able to download your personal OWL-Careers/12Twenty QR code to check in for in person sessions. To access your QR code, log into OWL Careers and go to your Account Settings. Your QR code will be accessible from this page. You can also click on a link to send yourself an email that will have simple instructions to add your QR code to your mobile device using Apple Wallet or Android Page so that you can more easily access it when you are checking into events. View more detailed instructions here
  2. Dress for success –  Each OWL-Careers event will include suggested Dress Attire. Expectations will vary based on industry, but you should err on the side of dressing more professionally. Business professional = full suit. Choose dark colors, white shirt and tie, or solid/simple pattern blouses, with suit jackets. Business casual = suit without jacket, pressed slacks and button down/blouse/knit polo, or simple dress. It sounds silly, but don’t wear a polo with your company logo – we have seen it happen! Don’t forget your name badge AND your mask! 
  3. Put your phone away – Stay engaged during the information session and put your phone away and on silent. Do not take pictures of slides unless the company specifically invites you to do so. If you need to take notes, bring a notepad and pen or other note taking device where it is clear you are still engaged. It is also your responsibility to capture names of company representatives in attendance. We may not have all their names and “that person with brown hair” is hard to track! 
  4. Be punctual – Be on time for the session. We know that life happens and that your schedules are packed. If you are going to be late (or have to leave early) because of an extenuating circumstance, it’s a good idea to let the employer know. They notice. Also, going back to tip number one, if you are early/on time, you can check in. Employers often refer back to the sign in sheet to see how interested candidates actually are as they weigh candidates. If you can no longer attend the session your RSVP’d for, you can manage your reservations in OWL-Careers. If it is less than 24 hours, you cannot make any changes, and you should email employerrelations@rice.edu to let the CRED team know. 
  5. Ask ONE good question (but don’t monopolize the conversation) – What’s a good question? Something you genuinely want to know that you can’t google. Do not ask about sponsorship, salary, or any other topic that might put them on the spot. It won’t look great if you ask a question that was clearly addressed in the slides (so pay attention!). Get ready to break into small groups for further conversation as well. Make an impression, but also share the space with your peers (they notice good sportsmanship), and come ready with your pitch. Get contact information and understand how they want you to follow up. 
  6. Have fun! Enjoy the process and genuinely connect with people. Now that we can be in person again, take the time to assess what companies are a good fit for you and learn about the different industries. You are here to get your MBA, network, but also have fun. Good luck! We know you will do great.
By Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell Director, Corporate and Employer Relations