OWL Careers Tip – Get your resume in front of the right employers!

Our employer partners want to connect with you! Here are two things you can do in OWL Careers to help get your resume in front of companies in a more targeted way:

  1. Upload your Resume to Industry-Specific Resume Books – New this year, we have published resume books for employers in OWL Careers based on Career Communities.  To opt in, click on the Resume Books tab. Click on the Resume Books you are interested in and upload your resume. You can upload different resumes for different Career Communities that you are targeting.  These are live on OWL Careers, and you are able to upload (or switch out) your resume throughout the semester.
  2. Update your OWL Careers Profile and Preferences – Be sure to update your profile and preferences in OWL Careers. Employers can filter by criteria to connect directly with you and we use this information to pull resume books. Be sure to update Desired Industry and Function, Pre Enrollment Industry and Function, Desired City, Languages Spoken and Written.
By Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell Director, Corporate and Employer Relations