Recruiting for Amazon during Forte

Even before coming to the business school, we start thinking about recruitment and how would we want to go about it. In fact while applying to business schools, we look at the recruitment numbers, industries and salaries. I can’t stress enough how important is the recruitment process during the whole MBA journey but what is also important is knowing what you want out of your MBA, how prepared you are for this journey and what resources you can leverage.

Even before I started the MBA program, I received an email from Forte giving me the opportunity to apply early for Amazon internship 2022. I felt it was too soon but fortunately the CDO department at Rice had been very proactive in helping me build my resume and cover letters way in advance. I knew I wanted to pivot into technology and what better place than Amazon to learn and grow. As soon as I applied, I started reaching out to my seniors and alum from Rice to understand the process and how to go ahead with the preparation. Some pro tips I felt really helped me were :

Before the interview

  1. Familiarize yourself very well with the Leadership Principles. Don’t just read the LP but also the description of it to understand the crux of it
  2. Read through your resume and deliberate what principles have you implemented in your journey so far
  3. While deliberation, structure your thoughts in the STAR format. STAR is basically Situation, Task, Action and Result. This will not only help you in making sure that the interviewer understands every bit of your story but also you don’t miss anything important. However, what most people miss is the Reflection followed by Result i.e., what did you learn from this experience ?

During the interview

  1. It is a good idea to take 30 seconds to think and structure your thoughts.
  2. Try not to panic and be candid. All they are trying to understand is how good of a fit are you for Amazon culture.
  3. This is also your chance to understand how good of a fit is Amazon for you so be curious and ask questions that will help you understands this.
  4. The interview process can be long and exhausting. Get some rest the day before the interview and keep your yourself hydrated during the interview.


My last and most important tip is – leverage your network as much as you can. They will certainly help you succeed and prepare better for the future.

All the best !


By Neha Jain
Neha Jain