6 Ways to Leverage Your Identity Or Resume to Climb the Executive Career Ladder

6 Ways to Leverage Your Identity Or Resume to Climb the Executive Career Ladder was originally published on Ivy Exec.

Getting an executive job is becoming tough as many people aim for such positions. Workplaces are highly competitive as employees try to impress their seniors for a promotion. Not forgetting that many active job seekers have impressive skills, making it harder to get the attention of recruiters.

While climbing the career ladder may seem more challenging, you can leverage unique aspects. For one, you can use your identity to connect with the right people and open new opportunities. You may also use your resume to highlight your expertise and bypass strict hiring standards.

Let’s get into detail about how to use your identity or resume to scale your career.


1️⃣ Work With a Good Mentor

A mentor plays a major role in building your identity as a professional. They influence your work ethic and perspective on critical industry matters. Whoever mentors you can also affect how other people perceive you.

Finding the right career mentor can help you climb the executive ladder in many ways. For example, you will get the guidance and support you need when dealing with problems at work. With their help, you’ll also overcome obstacles that impede your growth.

C-suite positions are often affected by power struggles and office politics. You may need to build alliances with some stakeholders to bag such positions. Sometimes, you must follow some unwritten rules before getting a leadership position.

A mentor will carve your identity and help you navigate office politics. They can offer the insights needed to influence critical decisions in your workplace. If you have such power, you can convince your employer to give you more responsibilities.

Here are other ways a mentor may tailor your identity for leadership roles:

  • By helping you develop essential leadership skills
  • By facilitating self-reflection and awareness
  • By building your leadership presence

2️⃣ Tailor Your Resume for Executive Positions

Every executive role calls for different abilities and skills. Sending the same document when applying for jobs might be why you have difficulty climbing the career ladder.

Leverage the power of a well-tailored resume by customizing it before sending it to recruiters. Read job descriptions to ensure you highlight every aspect they need. Use language that will resonate with the potential employer. It’s also good to optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems.


3️⃣ Update Your Resume Regularly

Most people only update their resume when actively looking for a new job. Don’t miss out on opportunities to climb the executive career ladder by failing to revamp your resume.

Every time you gain a new skill, add it to your CV and reupload it on job boards. If you previously sent a potential employer your resume, update it every few months. Let them know about your new career achievements and job experience.

Fixing up your resume is an excellent way to capture the attention of people who previously ignored it. Besides, you can show your employer your commitment toward self-improvement if you want them to promote you.

When updating your resume, it’s vital to provide evidence of your achievements. Back up your accomplishment section with measurable results. For example, you can mention the number of deals closed yearly. Use percentages to highlight significant improvements and provide timelines.


4️⃣ Get Help From an Executive Coach

Do you feel that your efforts to climb up the career ladder aren’t yielding good results? Have you applied for several promotions without feedback despite having the needed abilities? Are you having a hard time mapping out your career journey?

Consulting an executive coach can help you leverage both your identity and resume. With their guidance, you can work on various soft skills to be a desirable candidate for executive roles. Such skills include:

  • Empathy
  • Self-regulation
  • Accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness

Gaining these skills will support self-growth, improve your identity, and give you more confidence. Adding them to your resume is also great since they are essential in leadership.

Another way an executive coach can also help you with career growth is by offering the support you need to land a good role. This could be by rewriting your resume or coaching you for an interview. It may also be guiding you through a challenging career change.


5️⃣ Gain Leadership Experience

Leadership experience will improve your resume, which you can use to climb the career ladder. Look for opportunities to practice your skills so that you will be ready for an executive role if it comes up.

Leading projects is a great way to gain experience. You can also volunteer to train new employees or oversee interns. Being a member of different committees in your locality or workplace is also a good way to gain experience.

Once you have relevant leadership experience, highlight it in your resume. Show employers you are up for executive roles by demonstrating your ability to empower and motivate others.


6️⃣ Refine Your Brand

Every professional who wants to climb the executive career ladder should work on their brand. Having a catchy headline on your LinkedIn bio or resume is nice, but you need to go further than that.

Since social media influences how others view you, you must send the right message. Use your profiles to sell yourself as a professional who values personal growth. Check all your pages to ensure that your posts align with your identity. Be professional and respectful when interacting with others online because recruiters often dig deep when vetting candidates.

The people in your professional circle greatly impact your career growth. Create solid relationships with other experts in your field. Connect with executives during industry events and tell them about your career aspirations.

Refining your brand will help you stand out from others. The more unique you are and true to your identity, the more likely you are to intrigue employers. Proper branding also improves your image and confidence. Ultimately, you can attract opportunities that align with your values and beliefs.


Climb the C-Suite Ladder With Ease

Climbing the career ladder can be frustrating in a competitive field, but it doesn’t have to be. Unlock the power of refining your identity by working with mentors and coaches. Revamp your resume to reflect your capabilities and gain the experience needed to be an effective leader.

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