Stefanie Engels

Associate Director, Corporate & Employer Relations

Industries: Energy/Sustainability, Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods/Retail

Stefanie Engels serves as the Associate Director of Career Development for the recruiting and corporate relations team. She is responsible for managing and maintaining relationships with corporate recruiters that engage with the Career Development Office to hire Rice MBA talent. Stefanie serves as the relationship manager to the Energy and Oil, and the CPG/ Retail industries. She strategizes with employers on best practices for building an on campus presence and brand awareness. She specializes in developing new relationships in those industries to bring more job opportunities to the Rice MBA community

Stefanie Engels joined as the office coordinator in the career development office in the Jones Graduate School of Business in 2019. She started her career in the US at Baker Hughes in HR and became a soft skills trainer in the training department. Having worked and lived in Germany, Spain, the UK, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, she can insert her cultural and industry experience into the higher education environment and combine it with her passion to connect people.

Stefanie holds a M.A. in Culture, Language and Business Studies, focusing on the Hispanic culture, from the University of Passau, Germany.

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