Acing Accenture’s Interview Process

How to apply | Accenture hiring process | Accenture skills interview

Accenture interviews can be fairly challenging, even for the most skillful of candidates. With an enormous number of applicants and slim acceptance rates, landing your dream job in the company certainly …

By Kenton Kivestu
Kenton Kivestu
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How to tell a captivating story — from a wedding toast to a job interview

Our lives are filled with storytelling, from the stories we tell our friends over dinner, to the ones we tell at eulogies, during toasts, at job interviews and on dates.

“[Stories] make us laugh and they make us feel hope, …

By Elise Hu & Audry Nguyen
Elise Hu & Audry Nguyen
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Test Waivers 101

If you’ve been checking our website recently, you’re not alone: this is a highly strategic time to earn an MBA! And you may have seen something new: our request form for standardized test waivers. What’s not to love about skipping …

By Jessica Krom
Jessica Krom
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What Can I Do Now to Prepare for Recruiting?

Engaging with the Career Development Office from the time you begin your graduate program is where the real work happens, but you should start evaluating your career journey and prepping your job search materials now. Here are some things you …

By Shelley Richard
Shelley Richard Associate Director, Career Education and Advising
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Cracking Product Management Behavioral Interviews

How to answer behavioral interview questions in product management interviews, includes preparation techniques, 16 common behavioral interview questions and sample answers.

While product management is one of the most sought-after jobs, there is no mandate for certification or knowledge of …

By Mikul Patel
Mikul Patel Product Manager
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