What are behavioral interview questions?

Behavioral interview questions ask a candidate to explain how they’ve acted in specific situations in their professional past. Companies typically will ask behavioral interview questions around key topics such as leadership ability, collaboration skills and problem solving ability.

Today’s leading …

By Kenton Kivestu
Kenton Kivestu
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STAR interview method

STAR method | Example STAR answer | SCARL technique

There are common interview techniques, or formulas, to help structure your responses during an interview. These techniques include the STAR interview technique, SCARL approach, or a mix of both.

What is the STAR …

By Holly Watson
Holly Watson
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Problem solving behavioral interview questions

Case questions | Behavioral questions | Sample questions

Problem solving is a key set of skills tested in behavioral interviews. And most companies will test this in both behavioral *and* case interviews.

Cases interviews evaluate specific problem solving attributes: logic, focus, rigor, process.

By Mandy Giachetto
Mandy Giachetto
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Cracking Product Management Behavioral Interviews

How to answer behavioral interview questions in product management interviews, includes preparation techniques, 16 common behavioral interview questions and sample answers.

While product management is one of the most sought-after jobs, there is no mandate for certification or knowledge of …

By Mikul Patel
Mikul Patel Product Manager
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4 Key Types of Consulting Fit Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

During an interview, it is common to be asked “Tell me about yourself.” Even though you’re mentally prepared for the question to be asked, suddenly your heart starts racing, your mind goes blank, and you just plain forget how to …

By Management Consulted
Management Consulted
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