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A one-on-one appointment with an advisor can help you develop a Job Search plan that’s suited to your career goals. Visit OWL-Careers to make an appointment.

Know Yourself

Understand your strengths and what you are looking for in a career. Refer back to your Career Leader results and be honest with

Recruiting Timelines by Industry

Timelines can vary by company, so you must verify with your targets, but this general guide can be used to plan your job search strategy.

Research your Interests and Companies

Use this Research Guide to explore industries based on your interests and determine your career goals.

Establish Your Network

Create a Sample Target (LAMP) List to prioritize employers, contact employees, and convince advocates. Here are Sample Networking Emails to start connecting.

Rice Business LinkedIn and Sallyportal is a great way to reach the Rice Business alumni. Learn from those who have gone before you.

Understand When Companies Hire

The Internship Recruiting Timeline and Full Time Recruiting Timeline are to be used for reference. Please note that the recruiting timelines are general guidelines. Some companies may not adhere to these so do your research!


Job postings, CDO event RSVP’s, and advising appointments are all managed through our one-stop-shop portal, OWL Careers.

MBA Exchange

MBA Exchange  is a global job board dedicated to business school students and alumni with opportunities posted directly by companies, employers directory and global searchable online directory of MBA development programs. is an information portal and online community for visa job hunters around the world. Its major services include annual and quarterly reports for H1B visa and Green Card, Customized H1B Visa Solution, Visa Sponsor Profile, Candidate Profile, Resume Service, and Smart Apply for job applicants.

National Black MBA Association

The mission of the National Black MBA Association, Inc. is to lead in the creation of educational, wealth building, and growth opportunities for those historically underrepresented throughout their careers as students, entrepreneurs and professionals. It also hosts MBA level opportunities.

Networking for Better Opportunities: Land a Job By Socializing

Recent studies underscore the significance of networking in career progression, with over 80% of individuals securing job opportunities through this channel. Such statistics vividly emphasize the significant role that networking plays in professional development.

Despite the wealth of opportunities the …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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How to Adapt to American-Style Self-Promotion

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Written by Andy Molinsky & Dorie Clark for Harvard Business Review, published April 07, 2014

Imagine you’re at a networking event in the United States and you hear your colleague make the following statement to a potential employer:

“… I’d be …

By Andy Molinsky & Dorie Clark
Andy Molinsky & Dorie Clark How to Adapt to American-Style Self-Promotion

Fake Job Scams Are Becoming More Common — Here’s How to Protect Yourself

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Written by Jack Kelly for Forbes, published on Jun 01, 2023

Employment scams cost workers about $2 billion in direct losses each year, according to the Better Business Bureau. In the first quarter of 2022, around 14 million people were …

By Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly

Balancing Your Current Job with Your Next Career Move: 5 Must-Know Strategies

Embarking on a job search while still firmly anchored in your current role can be likened to navigating a labyrinth shrouded in shadows.

The last thing you desire is to set off alarm bells in the workplace or to have …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Break Into Product Management: 3 Key Lessons From Linkedin’s PM Recruiter

Originally posted on BreakInto.Tech

Want to break into Product Management?

There’s no better expert to learn from than Sam Brennan.

After all, he led PM recruiting at LinkedIn so he can show you exactly:

By Paul Foley
Paul Foley Assistant Director, Career Education and Advising
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