Master Guide to McKinsey’s Digital Assessment

The McKinsey Digital Assessment (MDA) is a game that assesses your ability to solve business problems using technology, and is a part of McKinsey’s screening process before you are invited to interview with the firm. The MDA is designed to replace the PST, which was a more traditional GMAT-style test. However, unlike the PST, which focused on general business knowledge and problem-solving skills with no particular industry or functional focus, the MDA is built to test your cognitive abilities and problem solving skills. So, even though it seems counterintuitive, business acumen isn’t as important to ace the McKinsey Digital Assessment, or “Solve Game” as it is also known.

It’s important to note that internalizing McKinsey Digital Assessment prep materials that show you how to “win” the game or “hack” the Imbellus test may actually lead you astray. This isn’t a test – it’s a video game that contains multiple simulations, and there are multiple ways to “win.” Rather than blindly following a process that any 3rd party recommends, it is more important to focus on building the skills that McKinsey is testing for.

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