Tech 1000 Company List By Beyond B-School

Tech 1000 Companies List_16Mar21

TECH 1000
MBA Employers Hiring in the U.S. and Canada
From Fast-Growing Startups to Corporate Giants


Technology continues to be the fastest-growing industry and the need for business management skills is significant in all companies, regardless of size and location.  Opportunity abounds in companies ranging from rapidly growing and well-funded start-ups all the way up to the largest multinationals.  Beyond B-School presents this list of over 1,000 employers in the technology industry to assist students and alumni of b-schools in their search for job opportunities.

The Research Team conducted extensive and wide-ranging research, far beyond the usual sources.   They double- and triple-checked company websites to ensure each company has job openings requiring the skills of b-school students and alumni – such as business development, sales, finance, merchandising, supply chain, and human resources.



To make this list useful and current for b-school job seekers, we searched beyond the commonly-used sources of Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn.  The research was conducted manually, not by robots or computers programmed with artificial intelligence.  Sources included the general business press (e.g., Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, HBR, Fast Company, etc.), tech industry publications (e.g., Tech Crunch, Crunch Base, MIT Technology Review, Wired, etc.), job sites (e.g., Indeed, Glassdoor, The Muse, LinkedIn, etc.), research analysts (e.g., Forrester, IDC, Gartner, Deloitte, etc.), databases (e.g., Pitch Book,, Owler, Angel List), tech newsletters (e.g., The Tedium, The Exponential View, Benedict’s Newsletter, TLDR, Import AI, Other Valleys, etc.) and VC/company websites.

The list is searchable by a number of fields (i.e., columns), including Category, Location, Size (i.e., number of employees) and Year Founded.  To learn how to search the List, go to the Instructions tab.

For each company, the link (i.e., URL) to the Careers page is provided for reading descriptions of the company-posted job description.  However, Beyond B-School discourages applying via the website as any applicant is unlikely to receive a response.  It is provided simply as a convenience for our list users to get a sense of what skills are in demand.

Finally, the list will be updated regularly and manually, as this is a rapidly-changing market.